Drivers2u is an online marketplace that allows you to connect with local drivers in your area. Whether you need a driver for a week or just an hour, you can find the right driver to suit your needs on Drivers2u.
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Free right now, however in the near future drivers will be charged a monthly subscription fee, and customers will be charged based on their platform use.

Right now Drivers2u is just in Australia, however we have big plans to launch globally soon.

When you've selected the right driver for your job, you can then discuss directly with them about their preferred payment method, and pay them directly, outside of the platform. Eg via bank transfer or similar.

If you are allocating multiple deliveries to a driver in a single day, you might need some help building time efficient routes, and capturing proof of delivery. If this is the case then consider using Locate2u , an all in one delivery management software which has everything you need to manage your deliveries.

Simply log into your user account (drivers2u.com.au/account) and click 'Register as a driver' at the top of the screen. Now download the Drivers2u driver app and login using the same login credentials. Now you're ready to start browsing and bidding on jobs!
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Anyone with a valid drivers licence can use the Drivers2u platform. Whether you're looking for full time work or just a few hours a week, there's a variety of jobs available to suit your schedule.

If you'd like to learn more about Drivers2u, email us at hello@drivers2u.com.au with any questions, and we'll get back to you.

Drivers2u is owned by Zoom2u Technologies, an ASX listed company, which has been operating in the delivery space since 2014. Under the Zoom2u Technologies umbrella is:
  • Zoom2u - our delivery platform that connects you with local independent couriers in your area for fast same day delivery
  • Locate2u - a delivery & field service management software that allows you to track your workers, optimise your route, share your location and manage your bookings

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