Connecting you with local drivers in your area.

Drivers2u is an online marketplace that allows you to connect with local drivers in your area to get jobs done. Whether you need a driver for the day, week or year you can find the right person to suit your needs.

Our Values

We are passionate, dedicated and inspired.

We deliver on our word, every time.

We put a smile on our customer's face.

We grow through big and bold ideas from different perspectives.


It all started back in 2014 with the launch of Zoom2u, an on-demand delivery platform designed to connect local drivers with customers for fast same day delivery. The platform rapidly grew to over 70,000 customers and has processed more than 3 million deliveries!

In 2019 we decided to make the Zoom2u technology available to businesses with their own drivers travelling to customers, via our SaaS business, Locate2u. To date we have 500 customers using the software globally, and are growing rapidly.

And in 2022 we launched Drivers2u, using all the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from Zoom2u and Locate2u.

Steve Orenstein, CEO of Zoom2u Technologies Ltd (ASX:Z2U)
Our Mission

Making connecting with drivers easier for everyone

We help to streamline the process for businesses and individuals looking to hire a driver.

Our Team

With thousands of businesses already utilising the Zoom2u platform, and Locate2u software, we care deeply about the work we do.

We are constantly seeking to learn and improve each day, and deliver the best for our customers.

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